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February 18, 2008


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The old guard is dying out and it is time for the younger generation to unite to create those opportunities. It is true that people did not want a black who was not "from the hood" because they were not "black enough" which they tried with Barack- but it backfired and did not work.

Times are changing and we are in the midst of the beginning of change.

Good post.

E Guster


If it is the case that we want something "other" than clergy and old skool style folks, then why does Barak Obama feel it necessary to effectuate a Black minister's tone-and a southern one at that? This is especially curious since he is not from that sort of background...

People do not need a legitimate reason to support this candidate or any other. If people of color want to vote for a Black man...Claim that as one's truth. No need to justify it.

Kira Fonteneau

While it may be true that some will vote for a candidate because of racial or gender similarities, I do not think that most people do so on a conscious level.

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